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Creativity and user experience meeting for a purpose.

User Experience Design, Web Design, UI Design, Front-end Development

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post-thumb As a designer that grew up on the internet, I’ve designed, built, and shipped a number of web properties of various sizes and styles. This includes work I did as an in-house designer, freelance designer, and work I contributed to as a product designer. Through every web product I try to center accessibility with aesthetic, and prioritize navigation for the user above almost everything else.

Some highlights (below):

  1. Energy Outreach Colorado homepage - this large website was redesigned as a way to refresh the visual look of the organization while not straying too far from the recently revamped branding.
  2. Code For Denver homepage - this is a landing page that was designed for the organization I ran to hopefully show off our ongoing projects, attract new civic volunteers, and communicate what services our group provided for non-profits and state agencies.
  3. Denver Public Library IdeaLAB - this page was a concept for a 3D Printing lab inside of the Denver Public Library that was designed as a way for users to upload their print files directly from the web so staff did not need to be involved.
  4. Black Amex - this was a small project for a Denver-based DJ duo that I contributed to. It was purely a landing page for them to get booking inquiries and share their music.