Public Data Products

Showcasing data to tell the real story.

User Experience Design, Data Analytics

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post-thumb Throughout my career I’ve been making use of public data to create a story and showcase it visually. It’s always been in response to feedback from our users that our current data solutions were too complicated, or to reframe a story so that it was easier to understand the whole picture.

Some highlights (below):

  1. A tool that showed exactly what programs at the Department of Local Affairs gave grants to specific Colorado counties - something that helped our executive director know our financial impact as he traveled the State meeting with leaders in each county
  2. An interactive data visualization for rent and vacancy data across Colorado - which helped tell the story of Colorado's housing crisis for reporters and the division of housing
  3. A web app with an interactive map and table that combined census data, energy assistance data, and public funding data to highlight the change in funding over time at a county-by-county level - this was used to highlight the energy poverty crisis to representatives of those counties in the Colorado Legislature