Furever Memorials

Modernizing the way you memorialize your pet while supporting the foundation.

Product Management, Product Strategy, User Research

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post-thumb Morris Animal Foundation had a legacy product where users could set up online memorials for their passed pets. There was a feeling that the product was underperforming and with a modernization effort, we could increase user satisfaction and make a previously free product a vehicle for donations.

We worked on a large redesign of the product, while adding many additional features, and integrating donations so the foundation could use it as a revenue generating product.

As the product manager I was tasked with coming into the project mid-development and realigning the design and features with the strategy and timeline of the organization. We were able to prioritize the most impactful features for task completion, experience satisfaction, and impact to revenue while testing with users to validate the product pre-launch.

Immediately after our official launch in January 2022 we saw both an increase in the rate of memorial creation and donations on memorials, creating a whole new revenue stream for the organization to rely on. This product was also marketed successfully to influencer pets that passed, exposing the foundation to a massive audience of online fans who donated on behalf of their favorite celebrity pets.

The launch of this gained over 500 new donors and increased revenue to the foundation by updating an experience with new features and a UX design-informed donation process.