Energy Education Series

A set of materials to be given to participants of our energy education program.

Visual Design, Print Design, Product Strategy

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post-thumb Through an early assessment of design and other needs for our Behavior Change Program, we identified that the in-person energy education workshops we held were lacking a coherent and cohesive set of handouts and reference materials to encourage participants to take part in energy saving behaviors on their own outside of the workshop.

This project was created with our Behavior Change Program Manager, and as a team we crafted an overall strategy to meet the needs of both our residential and commercial participants while taking into account best practices on effecting behavioral change. It also included equipment specific materials to help users understand smart thermostats and evaporative coolers that were installed in their homes. The project is ongoing, and was a yearlong effort to create the first set of materials. Some challenges we’ve faced included translation and accessible content for all audiences and having to create a project management workflow to accommodate the long-term timing associated with the program.